Application is Open for Talent for Good

The first cohort of Talent for Good is open!
The first cohort is scheduled to start in early February and will cover two salesforce roles: Consultant Analyst and Data Analyst.

Interested candidates visit: for more information. 

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Additional information:
Talent for Good Consultant Analyst:
Talent for Good Data Analyst:

The application process will be closed by mid-December.

What is Talent for Good?
Talent for Good (TFG) is Cloud for Good’s 2-year, paid apprenticeship program. The program provides full-time employment for professionals looking to build a Salesforce career and includes relevant training and certification preparation, on-the-job experience with nonprofit and higher education clients, and mentorship.

What is Cloud for Good?
Cloud for Good is a leading cloud consulting firm helping nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions create and accelerate their transformational value with technology. Founded in 2010, Cloud for Good is a certified B Corporation and a Premium Partner. Collaborating with clients within the nonprofit and higher education spaces, Cloud for Good helps organizations achieve results, innovate, and transform their operations.

How much does TFG cost? Will I get paid?
TFG is free – program participants will be full-time employees of CFG and will be paid a salary from day 1.

What will my career trajectory look like?
Salesforce experience leads to engaging careers and competitive salaries.
Someone who is completely new to Salesforce will start at $50,000 a year and, by graduation, be on a track for +$70,000 a year. After 3-4 years of Salesforce consulting experience, you should expect $80,000 – $100,000 a year.

Is TFG an internship program?
TFG is an apprenticeship program, not an internship program. Apprentices are full-time employees who receive salary and benefits, compared to interns who are typically short-term hires without guaranteed full-time employment offers.

When does the program start? How long is it?
This cohort starts in early-February 2022 and lasts for 2 years.

What if I don’t have any prior work experience?
TFG provides comprehensive on-the-job Salesforce and consulting training and experience and is a great fit for those without relevant or prior work experience.

What will I learn during TFG?
TFG participants can expect to learn basic Salesforce fundamentals, specific skills related to their Salesforce track/role, consulting and nonprofit/education industry essentials, and specifics on CFG’s culture.