The Membership Committee directs all activities of the Chapter concerned with the recruitment and maintenance of members. The committee receives and processes all applications for membership, including reinstatements, and notifies the membership of all such applications upon submission to the National Association and the local chapter. The Membership Committee is also responsible for preparing membership packages for prospective members and representing the Chapter at various events where there are opportunities to present benefits of the Chapter to the public. In addition, they assist members with information on the Chapter and inform members of upcoming events and opportunities in the energy industry.

  • Annual General Membership Dues – $250 (includes National and Local fees)
  • Annual Student Membership Dues – $20 (includes local fees for college students)

Membership in AABE-NYMAC is open to individuals and businesses with involvement or interests in the energy industry.  Members come from companies or areas of expertise listed below:

  • Con Edison, Orange & Rockland Utilities, and National Grid.
  • Managerial and professional employees and owners of energy related business.
  • Consultants who offer expertise primarily in energy related disciplines that serve the energy industry or local, national government agencies.
  • Managerial and professional employees of industry related trade associations.
  • Educators in energy related disciplines.
  • Governmental officials having energy-related responsibilities.
  • Students who desire to actively support the purposes of AABE.

Annual dues are $250 for professionals and $20 for students.

Complimentary membership to the AABE-NYMAC LISTSERVE is included.

LISTSERVE provides information about all chapter events/functions/opportunities.


AABE-NYMAC Membership Committee Chairpersons:
Priscilla M. Houston
Gerry Dawes
Robertha Callender