Did you know?
As a percentage of income, black households pay more than white households for energy. (Greenbiz.com, 6/5/20)

Did you know?
Black people are being shut out of the clean energy boom. (vice.com 4/8/21)

Did you know?
A lack of charger stations in urban communities could keep electric cars from going mainstream. (NYTimes.com, 4/16/20)

Did you know?
The solar workforce is 73% white and 8% Black. (TheSolarFoundation.org/diversity)

Opportunities in the Energy Sector: Will African-American communities benefit?
Tuesday. June 22. 6:30pm to 8:30pm.(Online webinar)
Guest Speaker: Tracey Woods
V.P. Operations American Association of Blacks In Energy

Registration $15. Click ENERGY. Zoom invite sent separately.
BrooklynCapitalCollective is a 501(c)(3) community based,not-for- profit organization committed to inspiring the community to build, preserve and transfer generational wealth. This is the fourth webinar in the disruptive industries series. Website